Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 135: Forest Adventure

Today was an adults-only day.  We spent the day testing our strength, endurance, and courage.  We headed over to Forest Adventure Park. We started with a short safety briefing and then were sent out to zip line and complete a forest adventure obstacle course. The hardest and scariest part of the course was where we had to free-fall and swing into a net wall like we were Tarzans & Janes. I say this was the hardest part because EVERYONE hesitated and yelled on the way down. We had to literally jump off of a high platform and hold on to a rope for dear life until we hit the net. After 2.5 hours of zip lining, walking across a single ropes, and climbing rope ladders we ready for LUNCH!

We stopped at a restaurant where they sell their meals by the "set". The entire menu was in Japanese (duh) so we couldn't understand what we were ordering. Thankfully each menu item had pictures and we selected what we thought might look good. To everyone's surprise, we all enjoyed our tasty Japanese meal!!

After lunch we head to Cape Zampa and enjoyed the amazing view from the lighthouse and from the cliffs below. Climbing the stairs of the lighthouse was hard after the serious physical challenge we just conquered at Forest Adventure and the heavy lunch we just devoured. It was a quick walk up and we were even met by two very young boys who were on their way down. As they climbed down the stairs passed us, they pretended to shoot us... we died when they shot... but quickly regained life and shot them back hahahaha.

The views from above were just as spectacular as the views from below. Needless to say that were pooped after this day.

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  1. NOW this ia what I'm talking about friends and fun, action and adventure, gorgeous scenery, ugh I am sooo jealous