Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 130: Gyokusendo Cave

We headed over to Gyokusendo Cave (aka Okinawa World) to get a quick feel for a traditional Okinawan village, music, dance, food, and drink. We visited a wet, cold, and amazing cave. We watched an Eisa Show (which was our favorite), and we tried Habushu, which is sake with a snake! Actually, that was Adonis, not the ladies. This was a good introduction to Okinawa (and the Ryukyu Islands) before we continued with the rest of our week.

In Thailand, there were English signs everywhere. Actually, the english version of the signs were prominent and were subtitled in Thai. Wouldn't you think it would be the other way around? It's not like that in Okinawa. Very very few signs are subtitled in English and all other signs are Japanese only. Even though we can't read them, we like this better.

We visited the base's supermarket... *sigh* it felt comforting seeing all of American brand food and options.  Adonis FINALLY got his crab legs! Trust he will probably overdose on crab legs by the time he gets out of here.


  1. Sake with a snake? I have to research this (hmmmm?) And you and Rachel look so pretty and for some reason I started singing that song from the beginning of Mulan when the ladies are getting all primped to be shown(interviewed) to be wives. (you'll bring honor to us all)

    hehe and look at happy hubs!

  2. Snake/Viper sake is a very wild drink and how they make it, is even crazier.