Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 124: Khob Khun Ka Samui

"Khob khun ka" = thank you.

Samui and the staff at Centara Grande treated us so well. We spent our last day laying on the beach ... all day. It was perfect, just what we needed. Unfortunately I had a toe injury from the night before that kept me from dipping in the water one last time. Huh? What happened to my toe? The night before Adonis and I were walking back home and after teasing him karma crept up behind me and tripped me. I didn't fall but I did scrape my toe on the street. After tripping I looked down at my toe and a huge piece of skin on my big toe just waiting to fall off. Ew. Anyway, the husbantry jumped in to the rescue and treated my wounds. He's the bestest ever in life!

I spent the last few hours in our pool suite (aaaoooww!) dipping in the pool, with my toe out of the water of course lol.

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  1. Now this is what I am talking about--beach beach beach beachbeachbeach EVERYBODY!! oh sorry I got excited living through your pics because my summer has passed me by (*sigh) but great pics and I like the black and white with the red (how did you do that?)

    Khob khun ka for sharing Longs