Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 120: Traditional Lazy Day

Whenever we have a beach vacay the 2nd day is always the lazy day. We basically sit on the beach and do nothing (except tan and listen to music). Before dinner we sat at the bar with our fav bartender. I knocked over two drinks *embarrassing*  The first spill was the spirit's fault and the 2nd spill was an honest mistake. I probably would have knocked it over if I was sober. Anyway... our bartender admitted that her 10 yr old son looks like a lady boy. Kinda want to meet him now (hehehe) 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 119: DIONIS does Samui

We landed in Thailand safely early Saturday morning. The Koh Samui Airport is sooooooo cute. It has an open airport concept and doesn't look like an airport at all. Some of the other passengers thought it was a hotel. When the plane landed, we were escorted to a mini bus and driven to the terminal. The terminal looks like a tropical hut (so cute!). Even though the airport is tiny, it made a big impression.

So far, we are diggin' our resort. Last minute we decided to upgrade to the "Pool Suite" <<< fancy! We have a plunge pool in our room! The downside to this ultra fanciness is that there are a lot of mosquitos near by and sneak into our room (grrrr!). The only other con is the rock hard bed!! We had to ask for another mattress pad to soften it up. It helped but no significant difference.

We are trying to pick up on some key Thai words. So far we have "Hello" and "Thank You". It's not much but it's a start.

Side note: Whenever we go on a vacation it is guaranteed to rain! We have no idea how we always end with rain, but it's expected now so we aren't surprised. After we were settled, we took a quick walk along Chaweng Beach. Half way through the walk back to the hotel it begins to pour!! We were caught in the rain, but we didn't run. We just enjoyed it and continued to walk along the beach (with our feet in the water).

Day 118: The Big Trip

For those of you who don't already know, Adonis and I are heading to Thailand and Japan for 3 weeks. As we wait to board our flight tonight, we can't help but think how fortunate we are to be able to take a trip like this. Keep an eye out for our updates.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 117: Xmas in July

Today we had a Christmas celebration at work ... Yup! Xmas celebration in July!

Why? Well December is the middle of summer in Melbourne so it doesn't really feel like Xmas when you are laying on the beach with a Santa hat on. Many families have an Xmas celebration in July because it's the middle of winter in July, so it feels more "christmasy". Make sense now? Interesting, right?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 116: Bocatta

Bocatta Italian Deli has the best hot chocolate on the block!

1. The milk is steamed and frothed just right

2. it is the perfect drinking temp. In other words you don't burn your tongue off and kill taste buds

3. They sprinkle some chocolate from heaven powder on top.

The only thing that would make this the best hot chocolate on the planet is if they added marshmallows and whip cream. Wow.... that sounds like hot sex in a cup.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 115: Up and Away

Here are some interesting shots from today:
Picture above:

As I walked back to work from lunch, I looked at the sign (which I see everyday) and thought it was funny. It's just floating legs, kinda ghostly.  Why didn't they show a whole person walking?? lol. Just as I was about to snap the picture I noticed this lady walking across the street so I waited until her legs looked like the sign, ta-da!

The picture below is of a helicopter right smack in the middle of the Yarra River and city. In the mornings you can see hot air balloons flying low near the city (it's beautiful!) and then in the afternoons you see these helicopter tours. If you are not from the area and work in a high rise building, seeing a chopper so low near all these buildings (including yours) kinda freaks you out! Uh, yea it took some getting used to.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 114: Bikes Galore

Melbourne is a bike heavy type of city. There are people on bicycles, vespas, and motorcycles everywhere you turn.... especially on the weekdays. One time on my way to work, I counted 75 different cyclists commuting to work. I got out of work late today, so these are only some of the motorcycles parked in front of my work building. The nice things about these motorcycles is the they remind me of my godson. Going to car shows also reminds me of him... oh and trains do too! I miss him and I especially miss his contagious laugh!! I can hear him laughing now and it's making me smile.  See ya soon little man!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 113: Royals Game!

Adonis' tackle

Adonis sacks the QB

Today the boys had a muddy and cold game. They played a team that was out of their division. The Royals are D2 and they played a D1 team. The defense did a great job holding down the more experienced team. Unfortunately, some key players were missing, which proved to hurt the offense. The Royals lost, but it wasn't a tough loss.

Here's a game day bonus:
Since today is Adonis' last game before our big vacay, he asked the coach if he could be the receiver for the kick return, ha! Well, to Adonis' surprise the coach said Yes! Here's Adonis!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 112: Dumpling Fix

We did absolutely NOTHING today and it felt great! Actually, I lied. We had a craving for spring rolls and dumplings, so we got our lazy asses up off the couch and to the restaurant down the street from us. We got our fix :-)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 111: La Di Da

Friday Night Fun!
We were invited to tag along with my co-worker and his friends to La Di Da. The spot was only a 2 minute cab ride from our apartment. Yes, we could have walked, but we were already running late and it would have taken us like 20 mins. to walk there. Anyway, La Di Da was much bigger than we thought it would be. We met some new cool people and danced our butts off. There was a lot of foolery during the night, but no pics of that posted lol. Thanks for the invite Vic!

Ladies... See that last photo? In Melbourne, it's actually very common to not wait in line for the woman's bathroom! Isn't that amazing?! Since February, I only remember waiting in line twice. Once was a short wait, and the other was an average wait. I love it! For you Melbournians, back home the line for the bathroom is long! So, make sure you don't wait until the last minute. That's a risky gamble lol.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 110: Stew with my Crew

Today the husbantry hosted a lunch party! We had some beef stew w/ turkish roll, egg plant parm, and salad. One of our guests also made some DELISH tiramisu! Yuuuuum!!

After lunch we ready for a nap! We all dragged our feet back to the office but our tummies were happy! (At least MY tummy was happy).

I'm a lucky lady. I have a husband that does cool stuff like host a lunch party.  I appreciate him so much!

I think Adonis got tipsy off the tiramisu lol.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 109: Feasting

 Adonis marinated the pork leg for 2 days and threw it in the oven tonight for dinner.  It was soooooo goooood after a long day of work and a hard workout.

Here is a sneak peak at tomorrow lunch!
- Beef Stew
- Egg Plant Parm
- Avocado Salad

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 108: Floating

Here's our first "so-so" attempt ever at floating.... you can spot the imperfections but I promise you that I will get better at this!!! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 107: Health & Wellness Update 7

G'day mates, 

Hope you have found success in a health and wellness challenge of your own. I know I have. It continues to be a struggle. It is a fight though, that I'm happy to be in. I mean really, its a fight for my life. If I don't form the foundation for healthy habits now, when will I be able to. Why even wait. Now is always better that later.

Diabetes, hypertension, and cancer run in my family. I am not just talking about a second cousin's, mother's step-brother's, uncle. My Grandma has cancer and diabetes. My Aunt is battling cancer. My father is on heart medication and has always had problems with hypertension. I can go on and on, which is unfortunate. This affects me more-so because none of these family members are obese, or have even had weight issues. If you have ever met my father, you would never believe he's been sick a day in his life. He's an absolute Ox! You may say to yourself, you feel fine, or even be comfortable and confident with your body image. I felt the same way.

I started this journey feeling good, but I wanted to feel great. I want to continue feeling great. In life there are certain things you can control. Somethings you cannot. Like genetics. At this point, I'm learning to be an architect. I am drawing up a blueprint that fits me now, and something I can grow into. I don't feel limitations, and I don't want to believe that there is anything I can't do. I can only take this one day at a time, and each day is my own little victory.

Happy Dieting!    

Bonus Picture!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 106: Good People

Today was an unexpectedly good day.
We woke up late (as usual for a Sunday) by a phone call from our new friend, Angie.  Her brother plays on Adonis' football team. Anyway, she invited us out for lunch at a Vietnamese food spot in Footscray. We had originally planned to go to the gym and then the markets to get some fruits and veggies. But, we quickly scratched that to go to meet up with Angie and a few of Adonis' teammates. 

The Vietnamese food spot was gooood. Yum, yum, yuuum! After lunch, we decided to grab a quick drink before we saw Transformers 3. We liked the movie but glad we didn't see it in 3D. It was way too much for 3D.

We're so glad that we continue to meet good people here in Melbourne. The kind of people that let us into their world and that we can let in our world too. Kinda cool. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 105: #95 Kicks Ass!

Adonis is the one taking this guys down. The tackle was heard from across the field! Ouch!
Melbourne Royals kicked the Pioneer's ass this weekend with a victory of 26-13. 
And the husbantry (#95) kicked ass yesterday too. I was so proud of him.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 104: Foggy Day

Checkout these views from my job's windows... kinda weird huh?

I know its an abnormal skyline when the Melbournians themselves are taking photos. This actually isn't the first time this freaky fog has come around.  Check out Day 87. I can't get enough of it though. It reminds me how small we all really are in this big world. It also delights me that Mother Nature can still keep us in awe with these natural beauties in spite of the fact that we have all these gadgets, technologies, etc. that have desensitized us in recent years.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 103: Mana Bar

From Diana:
Tonight we were invited to the pre-grand opening at Mana Bar in Melbourne. Soooo why the video games??  Well, it's a video gaming bar! Come in, have a drink, play a game or two, and have fun. Love Love the concept. I think I want one of these bars. I'll add it to my "I want I want I want" List.

We played "Call of Duty", "Street Fighter" <-- Oooh yea!, and "Raskulls". I think it's fair to say that Raskull was our favorite of the night.

Thanks for the invite Fatty!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 102: Mighty Ty

We miss our dog-son Tyson Witwiki Ozzie Oswald Lopez Long terribly!!  Yes, that's his whole name lol.

This photo fell out of my notebook earlier this week and my heart just melted. I miss his facial expressions, his loving demeanor, his silliness, and the fact that he's the laziest dog ever in life lol. This dog is FULL of personality. I'll be honest and say that I don't miss his horrible offensive gas! OMG, it's horrible. It literally burns your nose hairs.

I wonder if he'll remember us when we get back.  Will he be mad at us for leaving him? Or, will he happy to see us again??

We are very very veeeery thankful to our friends who are taking care of him while we are away. We are happy knowing that he is in a loving home and even has a dog-bestie, Leah.

We are considering getting another Boston puppy when we get back.  He'll be so used to the company that we'll have to get him a new buddy so he won't get sad about not seeing Leah everyday. Tyson is seriously the best dog ever, so we are kind of afraid that the new puppy won't be as good and as easy as Ty was when he was a puppy.

We (heart) you Tyson!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 101: On the 6

Not "On the 6" like Jenny from the block lol. We took Tram 6 today to get to our "Street Latin" dance class.  Adonis has to practice his salsa for the family events, hehehe. He did really good today!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 100

It's officially been 100 days since we started "Longology".

     ... Can you believe it? 100 Days. We want to thank you for your support! We hope that you continue to follow us for the remaining 265 days <-- Yikes.

I'd like to give the BIGGEST "Thank You" to my 2nd half for his continued and unconditional support. Today we were talking about ideas for the big 100.  On my way home from work, the idea just popped into my head: "I want Adonis to paint our Longology logo with 100 incorporated into it".  Now, is he really going to sit there and paint it?  I asked him... and he did!!

I've started the first 100 days with excitement, enthusiasm, confusion, mistakes, some of the best photos I've snapped, exposing ourselves (non-nastily) to the public... and even not wanting to photograph.  Let's see how the next 100 go!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 98: Tram 55 & 72

From Diana:
I woke up to this amazing view from our balcony....

Took Tram 55 and Tram 72 to get to Chapel St. to get some 110 film developed. 

... and I picked up the flowers of the week!  The purple/blue-ish ones are Irises, the white balls are Poms, and the white/greenish ones are Stocks! Enjoy!!

Here's my two favs from the 110 Film I got developed today:
Brighton Beach, Melbourne (Australia)... Straight out the camera.

Brighton Beach, Melbourne (Australia)... Straight out the camera.

Adonis still hasn't made it Brighton Beach... but I promise you I'll take him to see the beach boxes soon!!