Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 365+

Wow. Today is Day 365.
I have taken a picture every day for a whole year.

This project first started to purely improve my photography by using our life as the subject. I just wanted to learn how to use my DSLR (Nikon D90) better but then, the concept of "Longology" was born. We let you into our lives and showed you how we do this thing called LIFE. The project started with our first day of finally being together and here we are 365 days later but this project is ending with us apart. Ironic, isn't it?!

I could not have completed this project with Adonis' support. He even contributed to the project by writing posts, photographing, and shared his weight loss journey! He didn't let me quit and I didn't want to disappoint him.  He's something special and I'm so blessed to have him as my P.I.C.!

Special shout out to all the "Longologists" who commented on our posts, and even those that never did. We knew someone was checking us out so we wanted to give you quality content.

Here are some highlights/results from the project:

  • I am now a confident photographer.
  • The concept of calling myself an "artist" is no longer awkward
  • My "eye" for photography has dramatically improved
  • I got to know my Micro Four Thirds camera better than my DLSR
  • I bought my first vintage 110 film camera
  • I used four different cameras for the 365 project
  • The project includes photos in 5 different countries
Finally, I narrowed down my photography area of concentration:
                                                                    STREET & URBAN LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY
On that note keep an eye out for my 2012 series: "The Innocent Bystanders" ;-)

Here's are some bonus photos.

Growth As A Photographer

Me & My #1 365 Project Camera Buddy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 364: Going By So Fast

It's all going by so fast.

I'm starting to get anxious and apprehensive about going home. There are some good things waiting form me back home and there are also many unknowns that make me nervous and excited all at the same time. I have to take things one day at a time until then but it's hard because these last days are going by so fast. 

Day 363: Taste of Culture

Wine Tasting

We made our way to the Phillip Island Winery. We were pleasantly surprised at how good the wine and cheeses were because Phillip Island isn't known for it's wine ... let alone it's one and only winery. The ambiance was calm, light filled the winery, and the interesting sculptures inside the winery provided us with good conversation. After we finished our fancy wines and cheese platters we walked around to admire (and played with) the sculptures that surrounded the winery.

It was exactly what we needed to end our Phillip Island weekend.

Day 362: Small Island, Lots To Do

Manta Rays up close!

Tough Mudders running through fire and smoke

I didn't realize how much there was to do on this little island. We tried to squeeze in a lot today!
  • Watched the Pelican feeding
  • Waited for the manta rays to show up
  • Watched the first Tough Mudder in Victoria (20,000 people participated!)
  • Saw some 'roos
  • Visited the Chocolate Factory (aaa-mazing chocolate and they made choco-bananos!)
  • Watch the Penguin Parade!
  • Ate dinner, drank some drinkies
  • Spent the rest of the night watching YouTube videos lol
I hope that I can man-up and participate in Tough Mudder (or a challenge like it). The teamwork I saw amongst strangers was inspiring. Maybe we should all participate in a physical, mental, and emotional challenge like this one so we can be better human beings. Wishful thinking? Maybe. 

I'm glad I got to see "Australia's most popular wildlife attraction" ... The Penguin Parade! These little guys were sooooo cute. If you're ever in Victoria I highly recommend driving to Phillip Island (not a tourist bus) and check out these little guys. 

Here's a bonus shot:

Day 361: From City to Island

I left work early, grabbed my bags, met up with the good people and we left the city for a local island getaway. Our friend Christina invited us to her house in Phillip Island for the weekend. I was all-in because (1) Christina has been missed ever since she moved and (2) I've haven't been to Phillip Island! So in my head weekend + friends + island = fun! 

Phillip Island is about a 2.5-3 hour drive from Melbourne and it's very very green (and pretty). We were greeted by Christina and Pete with delicious dinner!! She worked all evening to make an amazing spread for us and we inhaled the dinner. We enjoyed the food, convo, and drinks under the dim lights of the pagoda/deck.  We need once of these in our yard ASAP!!