Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 59: Boom Boom Kat a Boom Kat

From Diana:
Oh man, where do I begin??

I love to dance .... and, of course, I love to dance Hip-Hop.  I decided to give a hip-hop dancing class a try.  I also decided to jump right into the intermediate class.

Huh? What was that? Have I ever taken a dance class ever in my life? Uh, No.
Have I ever tried to follow any real choreography? Uh.... does Dance Central count? No, it doesn't? Ok, so then the answer is "No"

So why did I decide to hop right into the intermediate class? Well I figure that I can dance, I have rhythm, I've done some dance performances before, I watch all the dance movies that come out, annnnnnd I'm really good at Dance Central! (hahahahaha). Uh, yea .... none of that logic was very logical.  The 28 years of booty wall dancing, whinin' and grindin', spanish dancing, and knowing all the latest dance moves did NOT help me, at all.  Honestly, the real reason I decided to go intermediate was so that I can get a gauge as to whether it was too hard for me or just right.

Guess what?  The intermediate hip-hop dance class kicked my ass!!  I couldn't keep up.  It pains me to admit it.  Ego was bruised today. In all fairness, the dance moves were not hard at all.  But... (1) I couldn't remember all the moves (there were like 30 moves) (2) it was fast paced and (3) my body just isn't built for this, hahahaha.  I'm damn near 30 and I'm in there dancing with late teens/early 20 yr olds.

I shall be attending the beginners class!  No, I'm not giving up dance crew dreams.  It's just going to take longer than originally planned.

Big shout out to the husbantry!  He encouraged me throughout the class when I looked back at him like "WTF?!" And, he didn't let me quit (all 3 times I tried to sit down to stop the self-inflicted embarrassment)!  Thank you boo!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 57: Hangover Part 3

From Diana:
Yesterday started off a bit slow.  I went to get my hair cut while Adonis worked it out at the gym.  In the afternoon we quickly went to the market and then began to get dressed for our date night... and oh man, was it an amazing date night.  It made it's way up to the "Top 3 Date Nights" list. We watched Hangover 2 (which was hilarious!) and then we made our way to the restaurant: Copacabana.  Simple, right? Nah, not so much.

When we first walked into the restaurant, it was buzzing.  There were people everywhere, you could smell the food in the air, and you could hear the music playing faintly in the background. They had a buffet for the amazingly delicious sides.  Even though the line for the buffet was ridiculously long, it was worth it.  Copacabana is a brazilian chorrasco (brazilian barbeque) so there were guys that came around each table offering up to 7 different types of meats (roasted lamb, pork, chicken wings, chicken drum, prime rib, beef)... and I even tried chicken heart!! It was sooo good! Each and every meat that was served was amazing! <--  I can't use the word enough.  As if the sides and meat weren't enough, dessert was served.... OMG, I swear I wish I could have fit more food because it was THAT good.  Adonis stopped and said that he thought he took me on HIS dream date lol. As the night progressed we felt like we were transported to another country!  Brazil, to be exact.  We were so immersed in the food, people, and music that we felt like our passports deserved a stamp! After dinner and dessert were done, everyone's tables were cleared and the dancing/performances began.  We danced the food off at the restaurant and then headed next door where they were playing hip-hop.  It was clear that it was late, we were drunk, and it was just time to head home lol.  Needless to say that after two shots of patron, a bottle and a half of wine, and a fishbowl drink later, I was so hungover this morning.

It was so much fun!!  Check out the video we made of our day & date night --- yes, we are serious.  We fully filmed and produced a 5 minute video.  Adonis and I both filmed, I put the video together, and Adonis created some original music for the video.  So, without further adieu ... we present our first-ever short film!!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming and creating it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 55: KingPins

We had a cutsie night tonight.  We enjoyed the Seafood Celebration at the Casino.  These poor shrimp didn't stand a chance.  I will admit that I was freaked out!  The shrimp came out with the head and eyes! If you don't know me, then know that I am freaked out by some seafood. lol.  For example, I love calamari, but I can only eat the circle ones.... no tentacles for me! Ew.  I feel like they are going to come alive and move around in my mouth.  I know they aren't, but just the thought of it is enough for me to stay away.  Similar thing happened with the shrimp (or "prawns" as they are called here).  I felt like the shrimp were watching me rip their brother-shrimp apart.  So, the husbantry tore off all their heads in order for me to continue.  He's my hero!

After dinner we went bowling! "Kingpin Bowling" is the equivalent of "Lucky Strike" back home:  Fancy bowling for adults. If you don't know... I am a serious bowler and do not take bowling lightly lol.  Tonight was no different. I wasn't sure how I was going to do since I haven't bowled since October 2011 (for my company's bowling league... oh yea, I just said "league").  Anywho, the first game is always my warm up game, the 2nd game is always my best game, and the 3rd game is my weakest game.  So we had some fun in the 3rd game.

P.S. Adonis doesn't like playing any games or competition based activities... because he claims I always win. hehehe.

P.P.S. I have my own bowling shoes and I keep in my trunk year-round.... just in case I need to pull over and bowl.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 54: Caught!

This is the supermarket across the street from our apartment.  It's expensive and doesn't have the best/freshest produce.  But, when we need something quickly... this is where we go. I snapped the photo on my way home from work today, and the cashier caught me, hehehehe.

Viewer's Challenge.... Can you find me in this photo??

Here's an extra one from outside the supermarket:

Oh, and we found out that a lot of movies are release here before the U.S.!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 53: Good Morning

Good Morning to all of you back home.  
A simple non-fancy shot today.  This was my view from work this morning.  I had a 7:00am call, this view made getting to work worth it.

... Good night to me.  It's bed time for us.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 52: Rainy Treasures

From Diana:
I have to say that I am pleased with the photos I have been producing with all this rain.  Everything around me just glows.  All of the reflections and shine from the rain are great!! I love the way the yellow in the leaves glow... like they are made out of gold. 

Rainbows are beautiful no matter where in the world you see them.... and this part of the world is no different.  Check out this amazing rainbow that form right before we all left work.  We work on the top floor of a high rise building so the view was spectacular.  In this photo it looks small, but honestly, it was very wide rainbow and it was a picture perfect arch all the way to the other side.  Great end to my long day at work.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 51: Yup, More Rain

Today was the first day of a week's worth of rain in Melbourne.  The good news is that I love wearing my rain boots and I love my big umbrella.  

Not much to say today.... what? surprised?  No, we don't ALWAYS have something to say. lol.  How about you tell us something.  *Not that easy huh?* 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 50: Health & Wellness Update 3

From Adonis:
I think I've started this out wrong. Originally my logic was that I would continue eating healthily with smaller portions and workout more. While I've seen results, they're just not meeting my expectations. What has happened is that i've been able to maintain my weight, losing less than a pound per week. I am looking to lose between 3 and 5 pounds per week. So as much as I don't care for a diet, I am going on one. BLahhhh. I'm going to take this month very seriously. I'm talking salad, tuna, and grilled chicken. No pasta,  no potatoes, no cereal, milk, cheese etc… Stay tuned. I'm excited for a very progressive month to come. Also, I am starting Mixed Martial Arts @ Melbourne Martial Arts Academy. I'll be getting a mix  of boxing, may thai, and cage fighting, sooo we'll see how that goes. 
Progress pictures, wk1 to now, week 6. Total weight lost is 6 pounds.  

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 49: Chopper Style

From Diana:
Today we did absolutely nothing.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be a big accident on the highway right outside our balcony.  We noticed it when we heard the loud chopper right over our building.  Hope everyone is ok. 

An another note:  
I am sadly watching my orange tulips die.  From one day to the next they just keep drooping and dying.  It's ok though because I think Tulips will be my new favorite flowers.  They made me the happiest, so far.  I'll post another photo once they are completely gone.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 48: The Law of Attraction

From Adonis: 
I walk past BMW of Melbourne every day on my way to the gym. If you didn't know, I'm a BMW loyalist and wouldn't have it any other way. My second car (pretty much my first) was a BMW 5 series and from even before then, I was hooked. Keep in mind my first Bimmer was purchased in 1989, and lasted till 2008. Oh and while we're at it lets clear something up, a BEAMER is a BMW motorcycle, and a BIMMER is a BMW car....

How does it all add up?

Well, ever since Diana sold her car we've been talking about what we should purchase to replace it, once we return home. While a BMW isn't necessarily the most reasonable first choice, after 200 thousand miles on my first bimmer, I'm ready to invest in another. 

Ever heard of the "Law of Attraction"? The thought that positive and negative thoughts bring about positive and negative physical results? Well, if you ever read the book, "The secret" you know what I'm talking about. The "Law of Attraction" explains how to focus your thoughts on a goal rather than a problem. For instance, having a shiny new BMW (the goal), rather than needing a car (the problem).  

So I'm convinced that if I think it, then it will happen. I'm especially fond of the blue 550xi. Its so sexy, so classy, so.... so everything we would like in an automobile: fast, nimble, all wheel drive, sporty, refined, spacious, I can go on and on and on.... 

SoOOoOo.. To the car gods in the sky, big baby Jesus in the sky blue Z4 Roadster, please bestow-eth upon-eth us-eth a shiny new BMW Sim Simma who got the keys to the BIMMA??!! COME tess mei now, BOo-ya-Ka... Lorda Mercy.  Sorry, what an awful tangent. Ya'll get me though.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 47: One Lil' Monkey

Things to do when your husband isn't home:

                                                    ... jump on the bed
                                                                         ... act a fool

Shhh... don't tell on me, hehehe
I had to take my mind off of our dog-son, Tyson.  Today is his 3rd birthday (21 in doggie years) and I'm missing him so much!!! I can't wait to see him again. *tear*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 46: Sweet Tooth

From Diana:
I have developed such a sweet tooth since I arrived.  Hmmm... maybe I had an undercover sweet tooth.  It's so weird.  Back home I rarely ate candy or any type of sweets.  Now, I have candy a few days a week and have been eating whole Chocolate Mud Cakes and a few slices of carrot cake here and there. Yes, I said I ate a whole Chocolate Mud Cake on my own.  Actually, I'm lying... I ate two.

P.S. No, I am not pregnant lol.
P.P.S. I've been "Black & White Photo" sober for 13 days... wow!  Time to fall off the wagon.  I'll try to have one tomorrow.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 45: Dependable Service

Yes, Adonis has dependable service... No, not that type of dependable services you lil' freak nasties! 

All I'm saying is that my husband is the one person I can count on to have my back, no matter what.  He treats me like I'm the most important in the world and it makes me feel like nothing else matters.  

I once read a book that described the difference between being dependent, independent, and inter-dependent.  Ok, I'll try to summarize:  

When you are someone who is dependent on someone else to get by in life, it shows you are incapable of progressing on your own.  

When you are an independent person, it shows that you are a strong person and can achieve many things on your own.  Now, ladies... we always claim to be "independent woman" (queue the Destiny's Child song... Ok, now cut)  and claim that "we don't need no man to help us".  Well, according to this philosophy, if you think that way then you aren't going to be able to reach your maximum potential.  

"Interdependent" is the level after "dependent".  By being interdependent on someone else you achieve more than what you could ever do on your own.  Let me pause || real quick... You can only be interdependent if you are a independent person.  Someone who is dependent can't ever be on this level...

Being interdependent in a relationship, according to this philosophy, does not mean you are dependent on your partner.  It means that you two work together.  It means you pick up where he leaves off and he fills in your weaknesses so that together, as a unit, you progress and help each other grow and achieve.  Listen to what I am saying:  You can achieve great things as your own.  But, if you have a great partner in your life, you can achieve soooooo much more.

Think about it.    Are you going to stop at being an "independent woman" -- or will you take it one step further and be interdependent??  Better yet, is your current partner someone you can be interdependent with??

Side Note: This philosophy isn't only for romantic relationships.  It can apply to any relationship (business, personal, etc.).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 44: Artsy Fartsy

From Diana:
I am the organized, scheduled, routined one.
He is the "go with the flow", "I'll figure it out", artsy-fartsy one.
This is one of the reasons we work so well.  We bring balance to each other.

I quickly learned that Adonis was 110% committed to his hobbies and that inspired me.  It's one of the reasons I decided to really go for this photography thing.  I mean, I've always loved it and I've always been interested but I never actually thought "Hey, I'm going to do this for real for real!"  Why? Well, I think it's mostly because I was so wrapped up in everything else that was going on in my life (i.e. college, career)... plus I never had the money or the time... but now I do!

Today Adonis prepared his brushes to create a painting of one of my photos!  I'm flattered and it makes me want to take more photos that he will want to paint.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 43: Small Doses of Culture

We had a mucho busy day today, but kind of by mistake!  We started off by going to the Buddah Day Festival.  Lots of multicultural performances and great foooood!!  

Then, we headed over to the Rose St. Artist Market (off of Brunswick St.).  Unfortunately, our artist guy wasn't there so we couldn't pick up our small painting.  But, we had the opportunity to snap some photos of the hip-hop wall and see some of the artists do what they do.  I can really appreciate their art.... especially since this wall had many NYC elements.  

After that, we headed to Chapel St. and then we went to a Tanzania fundraiser event. We got small doses of culture today: Buddha, Hip Hop, and Tanzania.  

I'll post more details later but that's all from now.  I'm exhausted and ready to crash!!

On another quick note before I knock out:  Look how much the tulips have improved their posture compared to yesterday!!  They started off slouchy and falling over the vase.  Now they are standing straight up!  We noticed a difference only a few hours after I snapped the photo in the previous post.  They're alive and like our home!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 42: Orange Tulips

Here are this week's flowers:  The orange tulips!  sorry for not posting last week's flowers on the blog but I did post them on FB.  I'm actually really excited about these tulips.  The feel (and look) strong.  I'll be posting an updated picture once they open up.  

Today we explored Sydney Rd. in Brunswick.  It's a quick tram ride away.  Sydney Rd was full of international food spots, many bridal shops, and international supermarkets.  I got the tulips from a florist on Sydney Rd. and I also picked up a rice pot so I can make some arroz con pollo!

A few weeks ago Adonis was watching the show "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" and they had a show in Melbourne.  He jotted down some food spots from the show, two of which were on Sydney Rd so that's why we headed there today.  One of the food spots was "Town Hall Kebabs".  This was a small truck outside which is also a car wash and they also serve coffee, so it's a Kebab Car Wash Cafe (lol).  We had to have these Kebabs and man o' man they were delicious!  Sorry, there are no photos of the Kebabs because we were too busy eating to think about snapping a photo.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 41: 13th Floor

So check this out: We live on the 13th floor!  Weird, right??

Back home buildings just don't have a 13th floor.  The elevator numbers go: 11, 12, 14.  The 13th floor is skipped.  But, in our current building, there is a 13th floor and we live on it.  This picture would have been cooler if we posted it yesterday because it was Friday the 13th!! --- But Blogger is a hater and was down when we went to post yesterday.  Either way, we hope you enjoy the photo!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 40: More Rain

Today was another rainy day in Melbourne.  Adonis said that he likes how rain ain't nothing but a chicken wang here because some people just walk around in the rain.  Your see, there was like a 10 year drought here... and it's been raining A LOT this past year.   So while rainy days suck ... it's not so bad when your country has had a long drought.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 39: Rush Hour

From Diana:
It feels so good to not have to drive home during rush hour. To be fair, my drive home from work wasn't too long (about 15 miles).  But, a 20 min drive turns into a 45-60 minute drive during rush hour.... and DON'T even get me started on the commute after snow *ahem* 2 hour drive to work!!  

We are temporary city dwellers now and we are fortunate enough to only live a 10 minute walk from work!  <-- Lucky, right?!

No traffic.  
No drowsy driving.  
No accidents.
No senseless traffic.

Adonis is the real winner here.  He used to have a 2 hour commute to work! That's 4 hours of driving a day!

Side Note: I can definitely do a better long exposure shot.  It as raining this evening (again!) so I had to take this shot from the balcony.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 38: Non-Spring

From Diana:
We are missing Spring back home.... but honestly, the Fall here in Melbourne isn't too shabby!  I mean, last week it was in the 70's all week.  We even dined outside on Sunday night.  So, even though we are missing the Spring, I'm not jealous because i LOVE stepping on crunchy leaves.

Day 37: Self-Motivation (5)

Sorry... the internet was just not working yesterday.  We're working on it.

Anyway... as a photographer you ALWAYS want to get "the shot".  Sometimes it happens on purpose and other times it happens by mistake.... but not every shot is perfect.  It is important for me to appreciate each shot because I learn from each shot.  When I don't get "the shot" on the first try, I learn from the bad ones in order to get to the shot. 

Here are the previous Self-Motivation shots:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 36: Little Treasure Chest

From Diana:
Sometimes I tend to think of "things" as just "things".  But, I do have very few prized possessions that I treat with care and love.  These treasures include jewelry, shoes, photos, etc. etc.   The point is that I treat my treasures like treasures.  Like the little treasure chest above.  It holds one of my prize possessions every night ... but the box itself is one of my little treasures.  I love the details of the box.  I basically take it with me whenever I'm away from home.  My treasures range from very expensive to cheap!!  No matter the price, their value is high in my book.  

What are your treasures??

Side Note:  I'm going to start bringing these back, so keep an eye out for them:

Not sure what's up with the yellow corners.  Once the internet starts acting up I'll have to edit that out, looks bad.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 35: Seeing Triple?

Seen too much of us already?  35 days of DIONIS is enough for you?  Well, sorry folks there's still plenty of us to go around, so get used it! **muahahahahaha* <-- evil laugh.

Being a couple is hard work.  You have to be a friend, a lover, a partner, a critic, a #1 fan, and a bunch of other things.  Let's not even throw in all the other roles we each have to play once the kids come into the picture.  The point is that when you are in a serious relationship, you have many roles to play.  Don't get frustrated if your partner hasn't perfected all the roles at once.  It takes practice, so be patient.

Annnnd if your partner still doesn't get better, then just karate kick them
 (JOKE! Domestic Violence is NOT OK!!)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 34: Drowning

From Diana:
Sometimes we run around like crazy people worrying about all the crap we have to do.  We tend to forget that if we don't take care of our mind, then we can't take care of the rest of what's going on around us.  We drown in all our to-do's and don't-forgets.  Some weeks are more stressful than others. Sometimes life is going good... but work can really drain us.  We stress so much that we physically make ourselves sick!  When I'm stressed I get so forgetful and more clumsy.... and of course that adds to the stress. 

I've learned to step back and decompress when I really feel like I'm going to explode from feeling so overwhelmed. So.... I run away.  I escape to a massage, a pedicure, a hot bath, a lazy weekend on a comfy couch... basically anything that will help clear my mind.  So far, I've learned that it's OK to step back and take a breather.  Don't feel like you can't pause for a day to take care of yourself.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 33: Meet Lola

Merry Christmas to me!!! Yup, you heard me, Merry Christmas!!

Adonis bought this camera bag for me this past Christmas.  When he bought it, they said that it would arrive the week after Christmas.  Well many delays later.... I FINALLY got the bag today at work!  It made my day!  Yes, you heard right: a camera bag.  Isn't it fabulous?!  Those stuffy ugly black camera bags are just not my style. I'm in loooove.

Sorry no fancy photo today.  I had a killer headache ALL day :-/.  I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Bag Info:  The "Lola" bag from Ephiphanie: http://www.epiphaniebags.com/

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 32: Slippery When Wet

Let me tell you a funny (but not so funny at the time) story.  When I first got to Melbourne, I had a string of bad-luck weekends.  One particular Sunday night, I go to take a shower.  I put one foot in the tub and..... SLIP!!! I bust my ass in the tub!!!  It was so embarrassing even though I was the only one in apartment.  I quickly got myself clothed and began to wipe the blood dripping down my chin.  You see, my tooth went through my lip and busted it open. I quickly cleaned up the cut and put ice on my face for two hours before going to bed.  The next day I went to work with a busted lip.  I couldn't laugh or smile for a week! :-/  I remember feeling so alone ... embarrassed.... and angry.  Now.... it's hilarious!!  Yea, hilarious that I now have a chipped tooth because of this slip! Thankfully it's not noticeable :-/  Just call me diaNAS!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 31: I Fckn Love NY

From Diana:
Recent events have me thinking of home.  I was born and raised in NYC and I'm so proud to be a New Yorker. Brooklyn molded my foundation in order to become the person I am today.  I will never forget where I cam from. 

New York.... it elevates me.   I'm drawn to it.

I'll try not to get too sappy but I was fortunate enough to not be directly affected by 9/11... meaning I didn't know anyone personally that was hurt or died.  I remember waking up for my morning class during my sophomore year at Penn State, turned on the TV only to find my hometown in terror.  I remember thinking... "Wow! That's insane!!"  Then I quickly remembered that my cousin worked in one of the World Trade Center buildings.  I quickly ran to the phone to call my aunt to find out if my cousin (the big sister I never had) was OK.  The phone lines were completely jammed so I couldn't get through.  A few hours later, once I got to campus, I tried again... and I got through.  My aunt told me that my cousin was OK.... thank God!  I quickly ran to class and I remember my professor telling us to settle down and focus on the day's lecture.  I remember thinking "How could he act like nothing is going on?!"  Then he said "Continue to act normal because when you let this interrupt your everyday life is when you really let them terrorize us."  Interesting.

From Adonis:
My father was a first responder to 9/11. Not a lot of people know that. He was there. And I wasn't. I was 7 hours away, in school at WVU. I couldn't reach him on the phone for several days and didn't know what to do. I would be lying if I said the events of that day and my fathers involvement wasn't a factor in me deciding to join the NYPD. I thought about joining the army, the marines, some defense force. However, it was my love of New York City, my hometown, that ultimately drew me into Police work. 

I'm a New Yorker,
I love New York,
It elevates me!! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 30: Nobu

From Diana:
We accidently celebrated our first 30 days together... and the longest amount of time we have been together under one roof in the 6 years of this relationship.  Adonis had been craving Sushi recently and what better way to satisfy the craving than going to "Nobu" restaurant!  I am undecided about sushi ... but today I had about 7 Tuna rolls and even had two of Adonis' Eel and cucumber sushi rolls.  Fun, right?  I thought the Eel thing would freak me out ... but it didn't.

I have to admit that my taste for different types of food has broadened since I've been with Adonis.  He knows if I would like certain foods or not, so he wouldn't let me try something he knows I definitely wouldn't like.  

On a personal photography note... 
I feel like my first 30 days of this 365 were successful.  I used the first 30 to get used to the idea of taking a photo a day for a year.  All of the photos in the first 30 were in my comfort zone and were the types of photos I am used to taking.  I'll be honest and say that it felt like FOREVER... and to think we still have 300+ more days to go!!  Will you stick around with us for that long?  

I will use the next 30 days to work on getting outside my comfort zone.  I plan on venturing out into the streets a bit more and doing some funky composition.  We'll see if I can achieve this in 30 days.  Hmmm, does this mean I'll have sucky photos?  Or, will my creativity boost??