Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 133: Going Aways

For those of you who do not know my LS is a retired United States Marine and her husband is an active duty Marine. It was interesting seeing the families abroad supporting their military spouse and the men and women walking around in their uniforms buying groceries and picking up their kids from school.  It made me proud to be an American and appreciate the fact that there are people who travel far away from home (and stay at home) to protect our country. It was comforting seeing and hearing our soldiers as well as seeing American food brands (as silly as that sounds).

Okinawa is a temporary home for many military families. On Friday we attended two going-away parties and met some really cool people at both. The people were warm, welcoming and fun-loving.  One going away was a quiet dinner full of good food and good conversation. The other was a two-part event. We started off with an afternoon beach BBQ and continued part 2 at an all-white party. We had equal fun at both and glad we were welcomed to celebrate the return of two soldiers home.

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  1. oh wow everyone looks fab love the white and I have a crush on the hunnie with the pink hair (yeah I said it) I feel like she would like me, hehe.

    I think its so awesome and Welcome home soldiers!