Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 290: "Leaves" me alone

in the middle of nowhere, and I'll still be fine......

We're city folk. But we appreciate getting away. Nothing can replace the conveniences of being able to walk out the door at 2am and getting a quarter water & cherry italian ice. Sometimes the sounds of bass blasting the latest dancehall reggae makes me sigh and say, yea I'm home now....Or papi in his dodge caravan (rimmed up of course) bumpin' freestyle, Boricua flag sticker displayed proudly, to make me say - I'd have it no other way. These are acute cultural, possibly even neighborhood specific references. However, as much as I identify, is as much as I can walk away and be completely fine. Not to say I'm turning my back. More so to say its already in me. Our memories. Our talk. Our swag? We're people of a certain vintage and while the world changes we have to hold on to those things that make us, us. But you also have to be able to adapt to change. You have to be okay with leaving certain things behind, by being confident that "its" all still within you. Here's a short poem I wrote, which this picture inspired.

"As I look up to the sky
 I think
 Sun glancing past my eyes
 I wink
 A grimace comes across my face
 slightly uncertain I continue to watch
 with a mind like mine I'm not alone
 with dreams like these,
 reality is the possibility
           - Adonis Long

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