Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 298: Steak & Shake

I have had my eye on this steakhouse the entire time I've been in Australia. What took us so long to try it out? Well it had good reviews, but the bad reviews were really bad! But they had a great website and the pictures spoke 1000 words. So I was torn. Torn for 8 months until I said, I wouldn't be happy with myself if I didn't at least try it and form my own opinion. So we went.

Vlado's is the name and meat is their game. Its run by Vlado, an 83 year old man who has soo much pride in his meat that he displays it in a case in front of his grill station, where he is the only cook. He chooses only the meats he wants to cook. The menu is set, and the only options you have are the wine menu. He serves up only his finest wagyu, rump, and fillets with a minimal marbling score of 8. The meat is cooked to med/med-rare (American Rare) and its blasphemy to ask for a sauce. The only condiments are a in house mustard and horseradish. Here, its all about the meat. The only vege's come at the beginning of your meal, a simple british salad and the best! Best (mayo-less) coleslaw I've ever had, ever! Then you are served Vlado's very own blended sausage made of beef and pork, followed by a meat tasting platter of calves liver, pork fillets, and beef fillets. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOOD! 

The waiter then comes out with a meat display for you to pick your cut, Diana and I both choose a porterhouse. The servings were well spaced and the steaks were cooked to perfection! This place was a time warp. Old 70's style decor, but not cheap and cheesy. Close quarters but not right on your neighbors lap, cozy dining, and attentive staff. However, its definitely no frills. Vlado is focused on his meats and thats it. There are no sides of baked/mashed potatos. There aren't vegetables available as a side. Nada. So I think thats where a lot of people went wrong. They didn't do their research, before going. Their expectations were to high. While there are better (if you like the bells and whistles-frankly who doesn't) Steakhouses out there, Vlado's did not disappoint. And because I went in with low expectations I was quite impressed with the whole experience.

We met up with a few of our friends later in the evening. We ended up at a lounge named Baraki. The live band was great, playing a lil funk, soul, R&B, and even a little hip hop! The crowd was live and no one was too cool to dance!


Peep the milf creeping up on Mike, hahaha...

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