Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 286: Cook Off #3

Ceviche Tartlets by Adonis 
Simosas by Yasmin

"Deez Balls" by me!

Kebabs by Omar

Curry Lasagne by Sangita

Yogurt Sauce Beef Dumplings by Adam

Baked Ziti by Adonis

Creme Burlee by Jen

Caribbean Banana/Lime/Coconut Pie

Losers have to wash the dishes!
OH yes... another delicious cook-off! Nine of us prepared our mains, entrees, and desserts. Our new friend Jen won the cook off with her amazing Creme Brulee, Judith came in second with her Caribbean  Pie, and I came in third place with "Deez Balls"!! My dish won best of food. I'm so excited that people love my balls lol!


  1. I cant wait for you guys to come home so we can have family cook offs!!

  2. So proud of my "shush barak". or like Jen likes to call it "white obama"

  3. Mad I missed one of these. Gosh. lol

  4. I left all of my take-aways in Omar's Fridge :( To the host goes the spoils of war, darn!