Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 277: Friday BBQ

Adonis made his famous delicious burgers as well as chicken and sausage

See the creepers in the background?!

Blurry... but I like it
We miss hosting and entertaining our friends and family. Back home we would have a dinner or Rock Band or Dance Central party at least once a month. Our friends/family came over for good food, laughs, and good company... and they could always found it in our home.

It was a gorgeous day, we worked hard all week, so why not drink and eat?! Adonis pulled the BBQ together effortlessly .... as usual.  We had a great turn out (honestly, more than we expected), every one mingled, the food was delicious, the drinks were much needed, and the weather was perfect!

We were reminded how fortunate we are to have met such great people in Australia.


  1. wow those grills look so fancy for a park

  2. And they're everywhere. Even at the beaches!