Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 199: Cook Marathon

In preparation for our visitors I've been trying out new recipes. Our girl Tee is vegan, and while I don't want her to feel like the standout for her dietary choice, I also don't want to do a lot of double the work cooking. So I spent the past couple days creating an efficient menu to get us through the week. 

First up I started with a tomato sauce to be used with pasta, Diana's famous meatballs, fried zucchini, and or eggplant etc... I moved onto a coconut brown rice, which turned out amazingly good. I figured we can have the rice with a shichimi spiced, mushroom, tofu, and kale soup. I then cooked up some red split lentils to which I added shallots and garlic (bottom left) which had been slightly browned in a scallion infused evoo (bottom right). This was going to be the vegan filling for the gyoza/dumplings (middle, left to right) I'd be making as another meal. While I was at it, I made a ginger-pork-scallion filling as well. Test batch of both turned out so well I surprised myself. A simple dipping sauce was made with a little sesame oil, cooking wine, and soy sauce. You can also do rice vinegar and soy sauce. Either one is a good choice. I also ended up making a singapore noodle soup since I was in my zone. It didn't take much time as the ingredients were simple, but effective. At the end on my cooking marathon, I sat back and looked at all the creations thinking, man, this vegan things ain't half bad. When you think outside the box, you can open yourself up to a measure of creativity that can make any bland idea seem out right tantalizing. 

If you haven't come to our house, its just a matter of time till you do. We like to have our guest feel like they're at home. I enjoy going the extra mile to make sure you're comfortable and you're needs, within reason, as attended too. I always wake up and make fresh coffee, omelets, cut up fruit. Whatever it takes. If you're in our house, you're family. So reap the benefits. 


  1. Bro-law I need recipes ASAP! Especially the kale soup and your split lentil dumplings. I have been transitioning to the vegan lifestyle. All of this looks AMAZING!!! I need to visit ASAP! xoxo

  2. wow!! just amazing you two are truly wonderful and as always amazing host. Everything looks so yummy.


  3. Thank you for the kind words Nikki! And I got ya on the recipes sis, I don't I could go completely vegan, so more power to ya!