Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 195: Night at The Toff

The Canon's still got it! Cheers to our point-n-shoot. It can be a little cumbersome carrying around the Nikon or Olympus. Sooo, having a point and shoot is necessary and convenient to catch the memories from a night out. But I digress... 

We met up with the usual suspects to check out a new (to us) spot. We went to the Toff on Swanston Street. The venue actually houses three places in one, including a roof-top lounge! To my surprise they played my type of music, old school house and a little modern funky disco. Diana was so corny about it too. I mean I could understand her excitement. As the last few times we purposely tried to find a house spot, either it was closed or the music was techno, not house. Sooo she clapped her hands in cheering fashion while saying, "babe they're playing your music" me, "ughh you're so embarrassing mom." I won't front though, I was happy about the find. DJ even spun a couple tracks from the 80's! Who listens to this stuff?? I do :)

There was a small stage at the front of the dance floor, where the DJ spun vinyl. He definitely didn't look the part, but its good not to judge a book by its cover. The kid did good, especially considering he was a 90's baby and was mixing in tracks a decade before his time. Halfway thru the night two performers appeared on stage, and seemed to  have a vogue-ing contest. While it was entertaining, I was interested to see how the crowd would react to the 6ft + man beast dressed like a woman with red glitter nipple tassels! Definitely a good laugh which kept our attention. 

On our way home we saw the statues for the Angels and Demons Parade, gloriously illuminated. No special effects here, it looked that cool in person. The shadows cast on the building behind them looked awesome. Check out the B&W pic, Diana has such a great eye.


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