Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 187: Oh What A Night!

Oh what a Saturday!

It started to look and feel like another lazy Saturday. We woke up late, stayed in our PJ's for most of the day, but then had to quickly get dressed and run to see our friend play a gig! 

Unfortunately, we missed her performance with the Dub Captains *sad face*. After a few drinks with her and the band, we grabbed a quick bite. A small miscommunication between Adonis and me almost ended our night early. 

On our walk back home we stopped by for some delicious calamari at World Bar & Restaurant. Two appetizers, two beers, and a long island iced tea restarted our night. We met with the group again but this time for karaoke at KBox.  I don't do the karaoke thing but I had a good time. I even got up and did a few raps (no singing lol). 

Walking around the city at night is interesting to say the least. There's always something going around you. Makes for some good photos:


  1. lmao @ naked man

    Adon looks good on that mic

    and what a trendy crowd some regular Aus hipsters

  2. lol, I think you may have inspired a new post,A) Are we becoming Hipster's or B) Hipster's: The cool thing to do.

    Naked guy was definitely funny...we watched as the police pulled up and could see the "should I run" look glance across his face...