Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 166: When the parents are away the kids will play!

Seems like the past 6 weeks have been NON-STOP, whew. Someone pass me my pimp cup, I need some refreshment. After a long night last night with the Marie family, we headed to a mutual friends house for a housewarming. Or thrashing, whichever you like. These are the fellas I play gridiron (American Football) with and it was nice to see the guys after such a long absence. Grilled meats, good tunes, cold beer, and puurrrty ladies. What more could we ask for? Beer pong and flip-cup of course! Unfortunately we couldn't go in too hard, we had to catch the train back into the city and attend the birthday party of our girl Yasmin a.k.a. Kiwi-Masala. You figure it out. Yasmin went on the wine tour with myself and Ron. I bought a beautiful Creme de Cuve to celebrate with and completely forgot it at the  house. Dang-it! No worries though, we have plenty of time to pop bottles!! We partied the night away at Section 8. A trendy in door/out door bar fashioned from a shipping container (main-bar) and palettes constructed into seating areas. It was definitely a cool experience and I liked the place a lot. Yasmin and her friends are such cool people and we definitely look forward to the next night out on the town!!

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