Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 86: Past times

From Adonis, 

Being that I am not working while I'm here in Oz, a lot of people that I've met here, wonder what I do to pass the time. I thought I'd share a couple things with you guys. For the most part I spend time at the gym, bike ride, write songs, and produce music. Some activities that I have gotten back into include painting, and using my hands to create things. A couple of posts ago, Diana revealed a jewelry display that I made for her. Well I made another one and thought you guys would like to see it. This particular display can be connected to become one solid piece, or hung as two separate pieces. I also built in pictures frames, so your favorite person is always near. 

I completed a couple of paintings as well. One of which has been in the concept phase for about 3 or 4 years (woman & the cat). Diana has a couple photographs that I will be reproducing, and I have a few more ideas that I really want to get onto canvass. These are some of my past times, enjoy. 

P.S. I really appreciated the kind words about the jewelry display I created before. I would happily make one for whoever requests. However, because of Melbourne prices, they aren't cheap to create. So while I love the compliments, think how much its worth to you, before you ask me to make one.    


  1. writing and producing songs?? u are so timbaland lol!

  2. mm mm mmm.... I'll let that one go...Diana is my Nelly Furtado :p