Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 72: Paradise

From Diana:
Day 4 was when we made it to paradise. It was amazing to see one of God's creations. During the trip we talked about how blessed we have been. We don't take this trip for granted and we appreciated every second of it... especially on Day 4 when we set sail to Mystery Island. Just look at it:

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We set sail to the beautiful island above on a really nice ship. Adonis and I kept singing "I'm on a boat b!tch" lol.  The crew was so friendly: they serenaded the guests, provided snacks and drinks, and even showed us a quickie version of the Fijian Kava Ceremony. Here's how it's done:

  • Before having a bowl of Kava you must clap once
  • Then say "mbula"
  • Drink
  • Clap three times
It had a neutral taste. Like dirt in water lol. Read up on Kava. It's supposed to make you feel relaxed and a bit woozy if you have enough of it.

I actually snorkeled for the first time! How could I not fully appreciate the beauty of the island both on land and in the water? I have to admit that I was so nervous and freaking out about the fish touching me and possibly biting me. Ah! However, after a few practice snorkels in the shallow water I was ready. The nerves left me as I swam to the edge of the reef and dipped my head in the water. There were beautiful fish swimming under me and the coral was beautiful (even though it seemed like it was half dead lol). Still amazing.

Here are other island treasures:

The ride back was very peaceful. Everyone was so relaxed and there was just a nice feel in the air:
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We got back to the resort right before dinner. We were greeted by these amazing colors in the sky. It was a perfect last night in Fiji.

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