Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 69: Mbula!

From Diana:
It was time to get away. I haven't taken a day off since January, so my soul was aching for some rest and relaxation.  Fiji sounded like a good place to go, right?

Before you get all jealous, let me just say that the island we went to (Denarau) was similar to the Caribbean or a nice Latin American beach. No offense to the Fijians, the place was still paradise. Denarau is the touristy island of Fiji. We only had 5 days/4 nights there so we decided to stay fairly close to the airport. However, we learned a few days later that Fiji has it's own unique treasures.

Day 1 in Fiji:
We arrived late afternoon so we just made our way to the resort. We quickly learned two Fijian words that we would be using throughout our stay:
  • "Mbula" (pronounced boo-la) is a greeting.  Kinda like saying "What's up!"
  • "Vinaka" --> Thank You!
  • Did you know that Fiji is actually made up of about 320 islands?!?! Only a little less than half are actually inhabited... Read More!
The cab driver was really nice... he pulled over to get some sugar cane for Adonis!

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