Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 83: Collaboration Dinner

We were invited to a collaboration dinner yesterday.  10 people invited and we all made different dishes to make one big dinner.  Here's what was on the menu:

- Ceviche <-- we brought this one and it was a hit!
- Pumpkin Soup (pictured above).

- Veggie Lasagne
- Stuffed Zucchini
- Indian Curry stew
- Focaccia
- Cous Cous

- Carrot Cake
- Berry Sorbet

Sorry for the Lo-Fi pictures. I forgot to charge my camera so I had to make do with my celli.


  1. These dinners are like the united Nations of gatherings... I need more of this in my life. I love being around so many different types of people in a homely and positive environment. I'd love to recreate this back home...but its definitely something that will be missed upon leaving!

  2. i agree with adonis! i love different types of people! (and different types of food! yummmm)