Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 77: Rose St.

From Diana:
I love love loooove this song (Ex-Factor) by Lauryn Hill so I was delighted when I saw this on a random wall on our way to the Rose St. Artist Market today. These words are in the song and I wonder if whoever put this on the wall knew that or if they put this on the wall because of the song.  Either way, I love it!

Our trek to the artist market today was to pickup a painting from this man, Carey Potter and a belt made out of a tire for a friend.  Anyways, we really really like his work. It's so witty, and fun, and artistic. We bought the two at the bottom.

Click to enlarge
 Rose St. Artist Market extra:

After the market we headed over to the florist to pick up my flowers for the week:

This time we picked up double form Lisianthus (The big purple ones that look like roses) and Callicarpa (the long stems with mini berries).

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