Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 113: Royals Game!

Adonis' tackle

Adonis sacks the QB

Today the boys had a muddy and cold game. They played a team that was out of their division. The Royals are D2 and they played a D1 team. The defense did a great job holding down the more experienced team. Unfortunately, some key players were missing, which proved to hurt the offense. The Royals lost, but it wasn't a tough loss.

Here's a game day bonus:
Since today is Adonis' last game before our big vacay, he asked the coach if he could be the receiver for the kick return, ha! Well, to Adonis' surprise the coach said Yes! Here's Adonis!


  1. now that ur hubby is on a football team out there im going to need to show you some cheers for the sidelines! lmao


    get Marie over there ASAP for cheertastic moves!!