Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 102: Mighty Ty

We miss our dog-son Tyson Witwiki Ozzie Oswald Lopez Long terribly!!  Yes, that's his whole name lol.

This photo fell out of my notebook earlier this week and my heart just melted. I miss his facial expressions, his loving demeanor, his silliness, and the fact that he's the laziest dog ever in life lol. This dog is FULL of personality. I'll be honest and say that I don't miss his horrible offensive gas! OMG, it's horrible. It literally burns your nose hairs.

I wonder if he'll remember us when we get back.  Will he be mad at us for leaving him? Or, will he happy to see us again??

We are very very veeeery thankful to our friends who are taking care of him while we are away. We are happy knowing that he is in a loving home and even has a dog-bestie, Leah.

We are considering getting another Boston puppy when we get back.  He'll be so used to the company that we'll have to get him a new buddy so he won't get sad about not seeing Leah everyday. Tyson is seriously the best dog ever, so we are kind of afraid that the new puppy won't be as good and as easy as Ty was when he was a puppy.

We (heart) you Tyson!


  1. awww that must be very hard. and i think he will def remember you guys dogs are very smart.

  2. awww! he is adorable!!! he is so cute! i agree with Sandra, he will remember you guys!

  3. I remember the first time Tyson wanted to play with me at my Apartment.I was sitting on the floor and he showed me so much love. I feel what you are saying, LONGS.

  4. awww mighty ty (hehe at witwicky) how is the phone check in on the pup? is he being spoiled?