Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 100

It's officially been 100 days since we started "Longology".

     ... Can you believe it? 100 Days. We want to thank you for your support! We hope that you continue to follow us for the remaining 265 days <-- Yikes.

I'd like to give the BIGGEST "Thank You" to my 2nd half for his continued and unconditional support. Today we were talking about ideas for the big 100.  On my way home from work, the idea just popped into my head: "I want Adonis to paint our Longology logo with 100 incorporated into it".  Now, is he really going to sit there and paint it?  I asked him... and he did!!

I've started the first 100 days with excitement, enthusiasm, confusion, mistakes, some of the best photos I've snapped, exposing ourselves (non-nastily) to the public... and even not wanting to photograph.  Let's see how the next 100 go!


  1. CONGRATS on this milestone!

    its been wonderful reading and following you guys I feel like you are reality show worthy hehe. lol are you sure it was (non-nastily??) hmmm hmmm???hehe

    cheers to the next 100!