Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 48: The Law of Attraction

From Adonis: 
I walk past BMW of Melbourne every day on my way to the gym. If you didn't know, I'm a BMW loyalist and wouldn't have it any other way. My second car (pretty much my first) was a BMW 5 series and from even before then, I was hooked. Keep in mind my first Bimmer was purchased in 1989, and lasted till 2008. Oh and while we're at it lets clear something up, a BEAMER is a BMW motorcycle, and a BIMMER is a BMW car....

How does it all add up?

Well, ever since Diana sold her car we've been talking about what we should purchase to replace it, once we return home. While a BMW isn't necessarily the most reasonable first choice, after 200 thousand miles on my first bimmer, I'm ready to invest in another. 

Ever heard of the "Law of Attraction"? The thought that positive and negative thoughts bring about positive and negative physical results? Well, if you ever read the book, "The secret" you know what I'm talking about. The "Law of Attraction" explains how to focus your thoughts on a goal rather than a problem. For instance, having a shiny new BMW (the goal), rather than needing a car (the problem).  

So I'm convinced that if I think it, then it will happen. I'm especially fond of the blue 550xi. Its so sexy, so classy, so.... so everything we would like in an automobile: fast, nimble, all wheel drive, sporty, refined, spacious, I can go on and on and on.... 

SoOOoOo.. To the car gods in the sky, big baby Jesus in the sky blue Z4 Roadster, please bestow-eth upon-eth us-eth a shiny new BMW Sim Simma who got the keys to the BIMMA??!! COME tess mei now, BOo-ya-Ka... Lorda Mercy.  Sorry, what an awful tangent. Ya'll get me though.



  1. omg what a perfect post because I just went to see Fast Five and idk if you guys remember but when Diana came back from Australia we went to see the previous movie and all I thought about was Speeding in your car!! Can't wait to drive fast in your new onee hehe.

  2. lol.. well being that I'm going thru some serious withdrawal from driving, I'll be glad to take you along on a fast and furious ride up and down 95 doin' 95....95+ lol....when I get home that is...