Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 37: Self-Motivation (5)

Sorry... the internet was just not working yesterday.  We're working on it.

Anyway... as a photographer you ALWAYS want to get "the shot".  Sometimes it happens on purpose and other times it happens by mistake.... but not every shot is perfect.  It is important for me to appreciate each shot because I learn from each shot.  When I don't get "the shot" on the first try, I learn from the bad ones in order to get to the shot. 

Here are the previous Self-Motivation shots:

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  1. its so funny because from the outside looking in your pics are amazing granted I've only taken a photojournalism class whcih is completely different kind of photography but anyway when you would point out the flaws in your pics I would be gazing so hard trying to see what you were seeing...anywho even imperfect and blurry pics are still awesome because its art there are no rules! Thats why art always had a place in my heart I could do whatever I wanted.