Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 32: Slippery When Wet

Let me tell you a funny (but not so funny at the time) story.  When I first got to Melbourne, I had a string of bad-luck weekends.  One particular Sunday night, I go to take a shower.  I put one foot in the tub and..... SLIP!!! I bust my ass in the tub!!!  It was so embarrassing even though I was the only one in apartment.  I quickly got myself clothed and began to wipe the blood dripping down my chin.  You see, my tooth went through my lip and busted it open. I quickly cleaned up the cut and put ice on my face for two hours before going to bed.  The next day I went to work with a busted lip.  I couldn't laugh or smile for a week! :-/  I remember feeling so alone ... embarrassed.... and angry.  Now.... it's hilarious!!  Yea, hilarious that I now have a chipped tooth because of this slip! Thankfully it's not noticeable :-/  Just call me diaNAS!

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  1. we can laugh about it now lol...I love the pic