Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 316: Lunch in the city

I escaped the office and found my way to Cafe Vue for lunch. My friend said their burgers were supposed to be bomb... but I thought they were OK and actually overpriced. On my way back to work I stopped by a small bakery to pick up some surprise Valentine's Day pastries for two of my lady co-workers. I remembered that they loooooved this place, so I couldn't pass by without picking up a little something for them.  They were so surprised and delighted when they found their pastries.  

Happy Valentine's Day.

In case you were wondering, Adonis and I don't do the V-Day thing. 

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  1. Thanks Diana! I loved it! BTW, have you tried the Wagyu Beef Burger at Rockpool? If not...we definitely have to go there!