Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 315: Chinese Goodies!

I love it when co-workers bring goodies back for the team from their vacation! We got this chinese decorative goodie today. It was a small gesture, but it made my morning. 

Do you bring back goodies for co-workers when you've been away for a long time? If not, I think you should (if you like your co-workers lol) because they are picking up your work while you're away. So, bringing back a little something is a small way to say "Thank you." It doesn't have to be expensive. For example, I brought back cookies from Japan. It didn't break the back and everyone liked them! 


  1. Did you that the custom in Japan is that if you go on vacation, then you must bring back something for your colleagues. That's why there's so many gift type snacks everywhere in Japan.

  2. good point D. I have some little Koala bears waiting for a home...you just told me what to do with them! ;-)