Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 4: Diana + Adonis + Doritos = PLUMP... NOT!

We decided to go ahead and have some fun tonight... if you didn't know, we are extremely silly, so get used to it.

We had a great workout a few hours before this picture and immediately after the work out we had some TACO SALAD.... yum! Hopefully this will not be us well into our marriage.  We have started doing everything we can to prevent gaining excess weight.  A little grown man weight and a cute love handle never hurt anyone, but we can't let it get out of control.

Internet is back in action... so now I have my camera posse ready to snap away!  The Droid held it down for the first few days.  On another note, I need to fix my ISO settings (or learn how to fix it).

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  1. I'm LOVING the blog! All the pics are looking great and I love your humor and personal notes. Keep up the great work LS!