Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 10: Body Language

We've learned how it important it is to communicate: 
(1) Body Language
(2) Verbally
(3) Electronically
(4) Emotionally
(5) .... communicate any and every way possible. 

We don't claim to know it all and we don't claim to be the best communicating couple on the planet.  But, we know what works for us and we know that we have to continue working on it so that we can continue to work.  

Side note... our fingers look creepy... Creepy Love hehehe.


  1. this is great!!! =D and communication is most important and also communicating in a way that works for you F the books and how to its trial and error and when you find that communication groove keep it going! that is all! lol

  2. I LOVE this pic!!! Now THIS would look awesome in my dining room!!! I love the colors!! How did you do it? Can you inbox Dakar and tell him the trick? I'm definitely going to steal this idea, have him take the pics and print out 4 canvases for my dining room. THIS IS PERFECT! Love you!!!