Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 258: Flinders St. Station Xmas

You see! Merry Christmas at Flinders Station! ... except that I was wearing shorts. Weird. This sign was JUST put up today: 7 days before Christmas. Why even bother to do all that work? Anyway....

Leash and I ventured all over the city:

  • Queen Victoria Market (which she loved)
  • St. Kilda (we saw a penguin hiding in the rocks)
  • Melbourne Botanic Garden (I showed Leash my favorite spot in the Garden. She also loved this "oasis in the middle of the city")
I also taught Leash how to make "Carne Guisada" (Spanish Beef Stew). She asked me for the recipe months ago. I started to write it down for her, but I included way too many details and it was too much work to complete lol. So, I showed her instead. I believe hands-on learning is best anyway. It was tasty!


  1. I want to learn how to make Carne Guisada :-( I am not jealous I am not going to cry...I will be okay.


  2. awwww... I'll teach you! I promise!