Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 233: The Night Market

Summer is upon us in Melbourne, and that means the Suzuki Night Market is officially open every Wednesday evening. Woot! This means cool vendors, good entertainment, drinks, and goooooood foooooood!!! Unfortunately, our month long vegetarian diet is not finished until next Tuesday. So that means we'll have to go back next Wednesday for booze and food! Adonis Says: Geez louise!!! Why is there always an excuse to cheat on a diet? Live entertainment, samba and salsa bands, sangria, and smokey brazilian BBQ drifting through the air.....All types of international cuisine including an entire roast pig in the Italian station WTF?! So you damn skippy we'll be back next week!!

Oh, we are all caught up with all Sons of Anarchy Seasons, but had to circle back to Season 1 because we missed half of it. So our evenings have been spent on the couch watching at least two episodes at a time.

     Was SAMCRO at the night market?! lol

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