Thursday, May 22, 2014

Desde Guatemala: Tikal, Day 2

We were relieved after existing the sweat box and hopped into a microbus which took us to breakfast at Restaurante Katok.

Then we had another hour and a half ride before we reached Tikal so we took a quick break at a little tourist shop:

I honestly didn't know what to expect at the ruins but it was spectacular.  It almost seemed fake, like a movie set because how are these structures still standing? How were they found? What exactly did the Mayans do here? The questions were flowing from all of us.... and it's too bad we opted to go without a tour guide.  We did catch bits of info about the temples as we eavesdropped on other tours around us but I have a lot of research to do (which I should have done BEFORE arriving) sheesh!

After walking and climbing the temples for 4 hours we enjoyed dinner on Isla Flores and did not enjoy the freezing (but not broke down bus) 8 hour ride back to La Capital.

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